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The all new Mazz Designs Titanium suspension and steering links come with solid links that have threads machined on each end. 3 styles of injection molded rod ends (see pictures for location information of each). These feature misalignment rod ends to free up your suspension and not preload the ball ends. They come disassembled and only takes about 10 minutes to assemble. Ball ends insert from only one side! No o-rings are needed for these! The Titanium has a very high surface hardness that will slip across obsticals such as rock without digging in! Lighter weight by a minimum of 44% compared to our SS links. The lighter weight makes it easier to overcome gravity and low traction.

These will fit any Scx24 from stock to fully custom chassis!

Photos are of Gladiator length for reference. Pick size from drop down box!


C10/JLU 21 grams

Gladiator 24 grams

Deadbolt 20 grams

C-Bolt 22 grams

C-Bolt sets consist of C10 fronts with Deadbolt rears

A 12mm screw is required to attach both steering links to the knuckle. These are available in our hardware kit along with most brands hardware kits.

All kits come with steering links included!