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This new all metal overdrive trans will give you right at 14% OD to your front axle. No need to pull your axles apart to install gears. However, you can also run the combination of your choice of od gears in the axles.  There is a slipper behind the spur, and you are able to tighten the 4mm nut if you don't want to worry about the slipper. Do not over tighten!

Screw heads are .050 and machined very tight so please make sure driver is fully engaged and do not over torque any screws including the mounting screws to the skid as this is an ALUMINUM case!

Includes m1.6 screws to mount to skid along with spares. These will fit stock and aftermarket skids such as the cheat code skids!

Note that this unit uses a screw size of m1.6 that is 1.6 not 1.4 to hold the case halves together. You may have to clearance motor mount holes in your mount attach trans to other mounts. I use a 1.8mm drill to do so.