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V2 DOUBLE STAR BEADLOCK (Mazz/Injora 15-hole pattern)

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New V2 Double Star beadlock rings for Mazz and Injora wheels with 15-hole pattern.

We trimmed all the fat off the the V2 giving it a much more desired look! Designed and cut right here in the U.S.A with American made Titanium. All beadlocks come 100% ready to install. Just remove the original beadlock and install these beauties using the original hardware. Due to the nature of the design and the slightly larger O.D. these rings give a much more realistic look where the bead of the tire meets the beadlock. Get ready to break all your buddies' necks when you show up with these bad boys on your rig!

*Sold in sets of 4

**All products are deburred and inspected in house. There may be small blemishes on the back side of beadlocks due to the cutting process. This is purely cosmetic only when not installed. Inspect each of the 4 beadlocks and the "brushed" finish with any blemishes faces inside of wheel.