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V3 Ti Cheat Code Chassis

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The all NEW V3 Titanium Cheat Code Chassis features a skid angle of 15 degrees. The motor angle is also 15 degrees which tucks all pancake and micro style motors deep in the chassis. Both of these are the highest available angles on the market of any bodied chassis. We also kept our industry's first reversible motor bolt pattern as featured in previous generations allowing you to flip your motor/trans without the need of remvoing the skid. (optional 10-degree motor angle skid available separately for added upper link clearance if needed)

New and improved rail profiles allow for the smallest belly footprint on the market and to create an industry leading breakover angle. This is all done while keeping maximum ground clearance in mind and keeping the COG low. The belly of the v3 is less than half as long as the previous V1/V2 generations of chassis. This is a total of 18mm less footprint where it counts!

We gave you the industry's first upper link adjustments in the 1/24 scale crawlers and have also incorporated it into the V3 via 2-way front & 5-way rear link adjustments to dial in your anti-squat and anti-dive. The rear links can also be run outboard if desired. The chassis will perform best when paired with double bend links in the rear but is not required. We also created the proper link geometry allowing use of anything from stock plastic to fully custom links!

The sliders footprint was made smaller, but still allowing most all electronic setups to be utilized. The leading edge of the sliders were knife edged along with the lowest point to create the best possibility of slicing through those tight obstacles. We recommend a 8-10mm long screw to affix the slider to the skid.

The shock towers still have the 15-hole adjustment in the front, but an extra 6 holes added to the rear tower to give more shock options and adjustment when using C-bolt length links.

NEW for the V3 is the option to run battery forward (battery tray included). This will help counteract the rear weight bias produced when running rear facing motor setups.

The V3 features our adjustable rear tray similar to what was used in the 2nd generation chassis. This allows you to keep all electronics as centralized in the chassis as possible and also allowing everything to be hidden under cab only bodies as well. You gain full adjustability when running outboard rear links, however even with inboard the tray keeps everything mounted forward in the chassis.

Chassis includes 2 body mag mounts, 1 raised front body mount and 1 rear flush mount. Both mounts now have a 6 hole pattern to allow for the most amount of shock and body mounting options. Magnets included!

All parts are professionally printed via Nylon MJF. All threaded holes are properly sized to make assembly easy and the most solid out there. 

All Ti Cheat Code chassis rails, prints, and even down to the nuts are made right here in the USA!

Don't just crush the competition make them feel cheated!

Chassis kit includes 15 m1.4 nuts for assembly as well as 6 magnets for mounting body. Chassis is set up to accept Pro-Line Cliffhanger/Coyote body specifically but other bodies can easily be mounted! 

Use BLUE Thread Locker on all m1.4 nuts!

Use E6000 or Shoe Goo adhesive for glueing magnets to mounts and body!

Grab a hardware kit along with your chassis as it comes with all size m1.4mm to do multiple chassis. 12mm long screws needed for lower links!